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The Best Hidden Fortnite Locations

The Best Hidden Fortnite Locations


Fortnite is full of amazing locations, but some are often super busy, so we are sharing with you some of the best hidden locations on the Fortnite island…


Weather Station

Location: In the south of G7

Another reasonably well-known location, the Weather Station has enough loot chests to keep you happy and well stocked from the start. Because it is quite a remote choice of initial landing spot, it often is quite quiet so you are unlikely to find much in the way of competition for the weaponry there, and you can then get busy harvesting the building itself for resources without worrying about unwanted attention. Your next port of call will probably be moving north towards Lazy Lake or Retail Row, though you can move west towards Misty Meadows if you’d rather.


Farmers Market

Location: In the north of F3

This building and surrounding buildings is a really good landing location, just to the north of Frenzy Farm. Most players in the area will rush to Frenzy Farm, which means you will most likely have your pick of the considerable loot chests dotted around the main building and in the surrounding outbuildings. You will often find goodies in the orchards surrounding the buildings too.


Fort Crumpet

Location: Middle of A3

Sweaty Sands is an increasingly busy landing zone in Fortnite, so landing there can be a risky business. However, a short trot away is a place where you can land in peace, stock up with weapons, harvest all the stone you could ever dream of, and then sweep through and mop up the survivors in Sweaty Sands. We are talking about Fort Crumpet, a disused fort that is home to plenty of loot chests. It is in a fairly isolated position out to the west of the map, so your only way out is to head south towards Sweaty Sands, but you should be so well provided for weapons-wise that this isn’t a major concern.


Gorgeous Gorge

Location: Running through the middle of E5 to F5

Gorgeous Gorge is not exactly a hotspot for buildings and loot chests – though you will still be able to find a pretty decent set of weapons fairly quickly. However, this is a landing spot that is all about its central location. If you are not the kind of player who likes having to move long distances and you prefer instead to be settled and pretty much guaranteed to be in the storm circle from the start, Gorgeous Gorge is the place for you. Lazy Lakes and Frenzy Farm are very close to the gorge, so you can be in either of those locations within a couple of minutes. It gives you a good amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing your route and it is also a good back up option if your initial plan was to land in one of those locations, but they looked too hot on arrival.


Shipwreck Cove

Location: South of H7

This drop zone is one of the most secluded places on the map, situated in the bottom right of the map It is separated from Retail Row and Lazy Lake by the mountains, and you have only the sea to your back. That does make it a bit of a gamble – although there are loot chests to be found here, if you do not get decent weapons in them then you are a long way from anywhere else and might find yourself up against it. On the plus side, it is a secluded enough area, and you can always grab a boat or swim around the coast towards Retail Row if the mountains are looking a bit too much of a risk.


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