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Ten Great Fortnite Hiding Places, Sky Dust Games, skydustgames.com


Ten Great Fortnite Hiding Places

Ten Great Fortnite Hiding Places

A compilation of ten of the best places to get a great sniping position or to lie low for a few minutes…


1: The Haunted Rat Run

If you smash below the stone path on the walkway under the statue in Haunted Hills, there’s a secret tunnel underneath. This can help you get from one tunnel to another and you can also use it as a hideout if people have beaten you to the landing spot and they’ve got guns before you have. Whilst there you can also plant explosives to try and blow up the people walking above, or place traps in case anyone follows you down there.


2: The Mountain Ramp

Land on the tall mountain with the ramps, to the north west of Tilted and if you’re lucky you will find a sniper gun in the chests. Creep carefully around the edge of the mountain top and hide under the ramp. You can smash away some crates to get hidden away further and then you’ve got an almost impossible-to-see sniping position on Tilted which gives you a free shot at anyone on the roof tops. 


3: Football Pitch Corners

When you’re on the Battle Royale football pitch, use the corners as this is where the chests are hidden in the indoor football pitch. Plus, they also make an excellent hiding spot if someone else has followed you in. Put up a ramp and then smash it down quickly once you have reached the ledge so that no one else can follow you. If you crouch down and aim at the doors you can then surprise your attacker. 


4: The Hut Over Tilted

This one is on the opposite side of Tilted to the Mountain Ramp in Number 2. This little shack sits on top of a hill and it doesn’t provide great cover, but if you have a sniper rifle you can aim between the little gaps in the wood as you will be very hard to spot. Due to there being so much gunfire in Tilted it is unlikely that your secret spot will be noticed until you’ve got a few shots fired.


5: The Salty Mountains 

The tall, thin mountains just to the north of Salty Springs are a great hiding place to spring an ambush. If you can get up there without being noticed, then you can easily tuck yourself away behind the big boulders at the top. This spot makes a great place to get free shots at anyone walking or driving past and you’re within sniping range of Salty.


6: Bridge Over Paradise

The shack on the rocky bridge over Paradise Palms is one of the best sniping positions in the whole game. The area is so vast that you’ll have plenty of shooting space and you can take pot-shots at the people in the always-busy town to the left, anyone driving past, and even the smaller towns to the right aren’t out of reach. Don’t hang around too long in this spot though as there isn’t a huge amount of cover up there.


7: The Cinema Screen

The screen in Risky Reels can act as a screen in more ways than one. If you hide behind the back of the screen, you are very unlikely to face any players coming towards you as Risky is on the edge of the map and people are generally heading the other way. When people leave Risky, they tend to jump straight over the fence and not bother climbing the rear of the screen, leaving you with a free shot at their back. It can be helpful to build yourself some cover, just in case you don’t kill them with just one or two shots. 


8: Umbrella Crack Ledge

This isn’t necessarily a place to hide whilst you’re waiting for the action to die down, more of a place people forget when they’re raiding the chests inside Umbrella Crack, which gives you an easy kill when they come out. Umbrella Crack is the big umbrella-shaped canyon close to Lazy Links. If you spot that someone has beaten you to the chests in the cave at the bottom of the canyon, jump down onto the ledge and wait for them to emerge. You will then get a free shot and a chance to collect all the treasure. 


9: The Trailer Park Loft

The trailer park near Retail Row is a good place to get weapons and ammo on the way to somewhere more central. The loft often has one or two chests inside it and with the windows on either side, it makes it a fairly decent place to deal with other players who might be in the area. It is best to get into the loft by building a ramp beneath it, rather than smashing your way in through the roof. 


10: NOMS Warehouse

The NOMS food store in Retail Row has a hiding spot right next to the huge NOMS sign. It is a shutter door and is located at the bottom of the wall to the right of the sign. If you climb to the top of the shelves behind the door, you’ll normally find a chest, but you can also just hide out in there if you need to take a breather or apply shields after a battle. You could also knock the wall away at the top and use it to attack plyers below who may not see you there. 


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